About me

My name is Marc van der Meer, 52, Dutch, social entrepreneur and freelance project manager in digital communication. I’m living with Carmen in the nice city Dortmund in Germany, I’m dad of 2 teens, Ajax Amsterdam fan, I love cycling, traveling, cooking and drawing.

As THE FLYING DUTCHMAN, I’m troubleshooter and experienced project manager specialized in digital communication and working for clients like e.g. Mercedes-Benz. If you want to hire me or need more information, you can send me an email or check these websites: LinkedIn and XING. NGO’s, non-profits and charities are very welcome.

At home in Dortmund I cycle in the fascination landscape of the Ruhr-area. It helps me to reflect things in life and escape from the daily stress of life.

Carmen and me travel a lot. You can follow us via our Facebook page.

While spending our time on our bikes and enjoying our free-time, Carmen and me want to do something good for others. For that reason we’ve started the initiative ”Kilometer for Doing Something Good.“ More information about this charity initiative on our crowdfunding page

Also I’ve started the non-profit international driven and initiative „Volunteers‘ Help“, which honors those who are the backbone of society and who work with passion to help across the world: the volunteers.

Volunteers who help people in need anywhere in the world, will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs. We make it possible for anyone older than 18 years, pupils, students, employee or retired to travel and volunteer anywhere in the world.

This global movement will open eyes, bring cultures and religions together and hopefully makes this world a little bit better and more emphatic.

Please check our page for details: www.volunteershelp.org

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